When we sat down to build Charlie Graingers, we had one thing in mind: being the easiest concept in the world to do business with. We structured our whole model with this idea in mind. From the food to the labor, we wanted our concept to be so easy that anyone with a strong sense of motivation would be able to join our organization. When it came to real estate, our thinking was no different. We wanted to build a package that fit every level of investment for franchisees. Therefore, Charlie Graingers offers three different options:

Charlie Graingers Express

A Charlie Graingers Express is often defined as a space that is under 750 sqft and usually does not provide indoor seating for customers. We've designed this model to be as flexible as possible so that Charlie Graingers can be squeezed into any size space no matter what the dimensions. Some of the spaces that we look for:

  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Food Courts
  • College Campuses

Typical Cost: $125,000


Charlie graingers restaurant

The Charlie Graingers restaurant is our traditional model. With this model, we work together to find a space that is between 750 - 1500 sqft that can be rented for a period of 10 years. This model still keeps the capital investment low but allows for a more traditional restaurant environment for you and your customers. Our team will assist you in retrofitting the space to our specifications.

Typical Cost: $150,000 - 250,000


Charlie graingers real estate package

The Charlie Graingers Real Estate Package is our most innovative and wealth-building package. Our management team encourages all of our franchisees to consider investing in the Charlie Graingers Real Estate Package. With this program, the franchisee buys a plot of land and builds a free-standing Charlie Graingers restaurant. This model is advantageous for two reasons: 1. Our franchisees are able to build long-term wealth in the real estate that they own and 2. It is easier for franchisees to obtain financing for real property. Our Real Estate Team will work with you extensively to locate the piece of property to locate a Charlie Graingers. Once a location is selected, we build the Charlie Graingers restaurant from the ground up to our exact specifications. 

Typical Cost: $250,000+


Charlie Graingers works exclusively with East Carolinas Commercial RE to provide full-service commercial real estate expertise for franchisees. 

If you own a property that meets our criteria, tell us about it:

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