Charlie Graingers was conceived in 2012 by Founder, Louis North, who spent years conceptualizing a business that would give him financial reward while still allowing him to maintain a lifestyle outside of work. In April 2015, North brought in veteran franchise developers, Jason Nista and Greg George, to take Charlie Graingers to the next level. And this is how we did it:

1. Charlie Graingers Is A Phenomenal Concept. We are only open from 11-4, Monday - Saturday. This allows for us to have one shift of employees per day and also gives the store operator a life outside of work. It's truly different than the thousands of other concepts out there and our leads are responding incredibly positively to the opportunity. 

2. We Keep The Money in Our Franchisees Pockets. Our goal is to run our organization as lean as possible. We believe the more successful our franchisees will be, the more success our company will be. Many concepts say this, few do it. We charge a $19,500 franchise fee, 5% royalty and 1% advertising fee, all strikingly competitive for restaurants. 

3. Our Team Is Unrivaled. Founder, Louis North has been in the hot dog business since he was 12 years old. He knows everything there is to know about the industry and has positioned Charlie Graingers exactly. He brought on Director of Development, Greg George, who has 15 years of experience selling franchises as well as CEO, Jason Nista, who had previously grown a franchise chain from one store to exit. We have a complimentary team with no redundancies, which allows us to make and act on decisions incredibly quick. 

4. Our Lead Count is Unparalleled. In 90 days, we have seen over 250 leads. While this is not an extraordinary number, it is if you consider we have spent less than $2,500 on advertising (Including design). Our advertising is clear and targeted. We've purposefully avoided the "tire-kicker" websites whereby "leads" check a box and you pay $40 to get their phone number. Those models are dead. 

5. Our Franchisees Refer Their Friends. Our franchisees believe in this concept so much that they are happy to turn their friends and family onto it even before they have a store built. There's no greater form of advertising than personal referral. If you aren't getting them, ask for them. 

When we started franchising in May, our goal was to sell 20 franchises by the end of 2015. We are going to complete that goal by the first week of August. I constantly read about doomsday scenarios for restaurants and franchises online. I'm here to tell you, that doesn't have to be the case. You just have to have a truly great concept and great team to build the next great restaurant franchise.