What to Expect with Charlie Graingers

Deciding to invest in a franchise comes with many unkowns. One should review the Franchise Disclosure Document at length. Here is a snapshot of some of the assistance you can expect from Charlie Graingers should you choose to franchise with us:

Site Selection

Our Franchise Real Estate Department – Connections across the country, with a local agent in your area to assist with site selection, lease negotiation and site due diligence.

Pre-Lease Visit – In conjunction with a local agent, our team will travel to your destination to help you choose the right spot. Using our own selection specifications, we will find the grade A location.

Lease Negotiation - Along with the real estate broker, we will help negotiate a lease that best fits the location and anticipated volume of your restaurant. This is one of the strongest advantages of our team.


Start-Up Manuals – Everything from your anticipated build-out budget all the way to how to market your restaurant.

Operations Manual – The day-to-day guide of how to run a restaurant, and what makes Charlie Graingers successful.

Employee Handbook – Not only a guide of how to discipline employees and give rules, but also how to promote, train, and create a great Charlie Graingers team.

Talent Acquisition Book – What to look for when you start the hiring process. Also a guide in how to recognize talent early, and promote from within.

Menu and Recipe Book – The secrets of our trade. How to compile the most delicious dishes in your town, and how to keep your food costs in line with our standards.

Charlie Graingers U- Extensive Training program with class room and in-store training  A-Z  Charlie Graingers

National Accounts

US Foods – Our national food supplier. We will get the price breaks that local stores don’t. Additionally, USfoods.com is a valuable tool for training, including ordering, recipe building, inventory control, and other restaurant operations.

Pepsi – Our non-alcoholic beverage supplier. We have a national account with Pepsi that includes some of the lowest prices offered in the restaurant business. Additionally, Pepsi will help you fund some marketing efforts, as well as send you rebate checks depending upon the volume you sell.

Post-Open Support

Conference Calls – Weekly scheduled calls with every location, designed to create an open forum on what is working, and what is not. Numbers review, marketing ideas, and upcoming events.

Inventory and Cost Control – Working with our corporate team and the use of our national contracts, we constantly review your operating expenditures and create plans to overcome the two most difficult parts of a restaurant – food and labor costs.

Marketing – We work with regional marketing partners that design, implement, and simplify the marketing strategy for your location. You will have 24/7 access to order apparel, print media, and edit web content. Additionally, we will guide you in the creation and maintenance of your social media strategy and event promotion.

Our Team – We are growing. Our team is here to assist you, the franchisee, in the success of your own business. The bottom line is this: If you aren’t successful, we aren’t either. We aren’t a team that will point fingers and place blame. We are here for you. We want your franchise to become the family that our locations have become, and our goal is to do everything in our power to make that happen!